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Defunct E-mail Addresses (See list below)

Below is a list of the defunct e-mail addresses. These belong to individuals who signed up for the newsletter previously but e-mail sent to them (in recent mailings) has come back as undeliverable five or more times and they have not yet provided us with a new e-mail address.

This can happen, of course, whenever someone switches internet service providers and hasn't had time to notify everyone.  If your name is on the list and you want to begin receiving newsletters again,  just sign up again using the link above so we will have your new e-mail address.

If you are currently in contact with any of these shipmates on the list,  could you to give them a shout and tip them onto how easy it is to "re-up" for the newsletter?

Spam-Filters    Let your sentry know we're cleared! Put us on your white list.     

Unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) is a problem for everyone with an E-Mail account. Many service providers now set up their subscribers with "Spam filters" that prevent most of the unwanted junk mail from getting through. Thank you providers!

However, this presents a problem for organizational newsletters like the Sterett Assocation's  because some Spam filters will mistake our incoming newsletter as SPAM.  Be advised we are "friendlies"!

If your service provider has enabled a Spam filter, make sure you include the following Sterett Association e-mail domain on you list of "acceptable" e-mail . .

Any comments/questions on Newsletter list, e-mail:

Updated 16 August 2011 (sorted by last name)

First Name E-Mail
 Arneson Larry
 Bettner Donald
 Bigler Peter
 Brown Charles F.
 Burkhart Gary
 Canzoneri Len
 Caro Jeremias
 Childs William
 Curtin Dan
 Curtis Eric
 Daniel LT Jody
 dimmick rodney
 Duperry Richard
 Eckerle Brian
 Edson Mark
 Eggenspiller Randy
 Fisher David
 Garcia Kevin
 Griffin Omer
 Hare Tim
 hennis david
 Holler John
 Jennings James
 Jones Carroll
 Kyte Gary
 LaLone Leif
 Latimore Ernest
 Layton s
 Marsh LeRoy
 Mathieu Brian
 McGinnis Daniel C.
 Messer David
 Montry Jerry
 Moore David
 Palmer Mark
 Powell Anthony
 Ramirez Paul
 Rowan john
 Salyers Nicole
 Schultz Danny
 Sterett Deborah
 Sterett Nathan Andrew
 Sterrett-Palovitz Nancy
 Tom Billy
 Tomlin Robert
 Van Vliet Stewart
woolgar kevin
yazzie andrew



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