Destroyer Leader, Guided Missile

The 3rd ship of the Fleet to bear the name

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As built:

Builder:                        Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington
Keel laid:                     25 September 1962
Launched:                    30 June 1964
Commissioned:            08 April 1967
Dimensions:                Length - 547 feet
   Beam - 54 feet 9"
7,890 tons (full load - as designed)
                 Two DeLaval steam turbines - 85,000 shp; 2 shafts
                                        Four 1200 psi Combusion Engineering boilers
                                       Two Six-bladed constant pitch props
                                       Single rudder
Speed:                         34 knots
Range:                         7,100 n. miles at 20 knots
Crew:                           418 (31 officers, 387 enlisted) including squadron staff
Electronics:                 NTDS (Naval Tactical Data System)
Helicopters:                One LAMPS (Light Airborn Multi-Purpose System) Kaman SH-2
Missiles:                      One Dual railed Mk 10 Mod 7 launcher for Terrier/Standard-ER SAM 
                                       Magazine capacity = 60 combined Terrier and ASROC)
Guns:                          One 5-inch 54-caliber Dual purpose Mk 42
                                       Two 3-inch 50-caliber single barreled
ASW Weapons:        ASROC launched from Mk 10 missile launcher
                                       Two triple tube Mk 32 torpedo mounts
Radars:                        SPS-10 Surface search (replaced by SPS-67 in 1991)
                                       SPS-40 Air search radar
                                       SPS-48 3-D search
Sonars:                        SQS-26 bow mounted sonar
Fire Control:               One MK 14 Weapons Direction System
                                     One Mk 114 AWS Fire Control System
                                     One Mk 76 Mod 9 missile fire control system using 2 SPG-55B radars
                                       One Mk 68 Gun Fire Control System with SPG-53F radar (5" gun)
                                       Two Manual visual directors for 3" 50 caliber guns

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