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The latest Official Navy news USS Leahy DLG 16/CG 16 USS Constellation CV 64
USS Sterett DDG 104 US Navy Official Site  USS Worden DLG 18/CG 18 USS Coral Sea CVA 43
"Tin Can Sailor life aboard the USS Sterett 19391945" USS Dale DLG 19/CG19 USS Forrestal CV 59
Together We Served - Navy Site - Look Up Shipmates USS Richmond K. Turner DLG 20/CG 20 USS Hancock CV/CVA 19
Destroyer History Foundation USS Gridley DLG 21/CG 21 USS Los Angeles CA 135
Official US Naval Vessel Registry USS England DLG 22/CG 22 USS Midway CV 41
The Goat Locker USS Halsey DLG 23/CG 23  USS Oriskany CV 34      Now an artificial reef !    Diving Oriskany Reef
TCruiser Sailors Association USS Reeves DLG 24/CG 24  
Fleet Reserve Association USS Bainbridge DLGN 25/CGN 25  
Tin Can Sailors Yes "DLG" "Destroyer Leader Guided Missile" &  DDG  qualify as tin cans.  USS Belknap DLG 26/CG 26 Veteran's Advocacy and Support:
United States Naval & Shipbuilding Museum USS Josephus Daniels DLG 27/CG 27 Wounded Warrior Project
Historic Naval Ship's Visitor's Guide USS Wainwright DLG 28/CG 28 Fisher House - Helping Military Families
Naval Historical Center USS Jouett DLG/CG 29 Disabled American Veterans
Navy League of the United States USS Horne DLG/CG 30 American Legion
Vietnam Veterans Association USS Fox DLG/CG 33 Veterans of Foreign Wars
  USS Rich DD/DDE 820  DLG 31's first "shotgun" escort on Tonkin Gulf line duty 1968  
  USS Higbee DD 806       DLG 31's shotgun during Battle of Dong  Hoi 1972  
  USS Ouellet DE/FF-1077 We patrolled with this brand new DE on SAR and PIRAZ - 1972  
  USS Guadalupe AO 32  

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