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Photo by A1C Thomas E Bohon


New Account of  KAL 007 Recovery  


1983 KAL 007 Recovery/Salvage Ops - New Piece Added

This website's section covering Sterett CG 31's role as Flagship in the aftermath of the 1983  KAL 007 airliner shootdown has been enhanced with a new account of the operations provided by  CG 31 shipmate LCDR Terry Dickinson USN (ret.),

In his recollection, he offers an additional perspective from the vantage point of  the bridge of the USNS Narragansett (T-AF-167) where he was detached from Sterett to serve as the military liaison officer on this civilian-crewed vessel that was called upon to play a pivotal role in the recovery/ salvage ops. 


(Photo on left by PH1 Barbante, USN, taken aboard USNS Narragansett on 13 September 1983 as engineers and crew prepare to deploy the unmanned submersible Deep Drone. From NAVSOURCE files) 

Posted 17 June 2011



Here's more about Carlson



Review of Neptune's Inferno

For Your Sterett Bookshelf :

As covered in the Spring 2011 newsletter, there are two top notch works to consider adding to your summer reading list 

Carlson by Dave Spear   Check out shipmate Dave Spear's action novel. This gripping tale builds suspense by following several threads of international intrigue that all end up running through the decks of the USS Carlson - a "fictional" Belknap Class guided missile cruiser homeported out of  San Diego during the Vietnam war.

Those who served aboard Sterett 31 or USS Wainwright (DLG/CG 28) will undoubtedly recognize from this story's accurate technical detail that the author certainly knows of what he writes (and them some!). As many know, Dave served as a CPO on both of these sister ships during his Navy career.

Neptune's Inferno  by  James D. Hornfischer

This is the recently published work of James Hornfischer, author of  The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors and Ship of Ghosts. It's a New York Times best seller that covers the US Navy's role in the fierce fighting for Guadalcanal in these early battles of WWII in the Pacific in which USS Sterett  DD 407 had a key role. 

Discussion of this book is the cover story for the 2011 Spring Quarter issue of THE TIN CAN SAILOR newsletter published by the Tin Can Sailors (association).  The story leads with a photo of DD 407 and has a special sidebar devoted to coverage of the Sterett under fire,  along with many excerpts from the book.

 (These books are available at most major bookstores) 

Posted 17 June 2011

DD 407 Plaque Presented!

As he promised, DD 407 Shipmate Jim Botkin attended the 2011 Biloxi Reunion and proudly presented the 1939 Ship Commissioning Plaque to shipmates and guests in attendance. Jim worked diligently investigating the plaque and was able to authenticate it as the real McCoy. The Plaque came into Jim's possession earlier this year after disappearing from display on the forward bulkhead of DLG 31's crew mess deck in 1974.

Thanks to all who helped with the investigation, including the eyewitness testimony of shipmates "Mac" McGee and Ralph Camp who gave their "depositions" while embarked on the 2011 Reunions' USS Alabama tour.

Posted 17 June 2011

 USS Sterett DDG 104 Facebook page


USS Sterett DDG 104 on Facebook

Sterett vets and fiends of Sterett now have the opportunity to follow along life aboard and are cordially invited to join the newly established USS Sterett Group on Facebook!  It's a great way to show your support for their mission.

If you are a member of Facebook. log in and take a look.

If not, you can easily sign up for a visit to see how the DDG 104 crew is doing..

There's a good chance you will "like" what's offered on this page.

Posted 12 Mar 2011


Ready Aim Fire!






 USS Horne Final Mission: RIMPAC 2008

Hail Sister! Many Sterett shipmates will recall steaming with or being docked alongside our sister ship: USS Horne DLG/CG 30, over the years around the world. She was actually the first ship DLG 31 relieved on PIRAZ station during Sterett's initial deployment to the Gulf of Tonkin in 1968.

Here are two excellent video clips produced by USS Horne Association Webmaster Joe Westerberg that are sure to be appreciated by shipmates who served aboard Sterett 31, as well as others interested in seeing actual weapons fire aboard this class of ships (Belknap Cruisers) which served as key workhorses and shields for the Fleet from the mid- Sixties to the early Nineties.     

The two weapon systems covered in the first clip: the rail-launched Terrier/Standard surface-to-air missiles and the 5-inch 54 gun mount should be familiar to all Sterett 31 shipmates. Both could have been similarly filmed anytime during the entire service life of either Horne 30 or Sterett 31 (1967-1994). This clip certainly captures what we all remember from those days about getting  geared up and being ready to fight the ship. These were the same two systems Sterett deployed against the MIG and surface attack threats in the Battle of Dong Hoi in 1972.  

The second clip is a moving video of Horne's last mission: while serving as a target ship on RIMPAC in 2008, the Horne was finally commended to the deep. It is a fitting tribute to Sterett's fair sister!

Posted 8 July 2010
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